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Koloa Ukuleles

The Koloa ukuleles are the very finest hand crafted ukuleles sold in the US. The solid feel,  professional quality are 2nd to none. You will feel the difference as soon as you pick one up, and you will hear the difference from the very first strum. In the world of ukuleles, Koloa is king.

The 500 series of Koloa Ukuleles are beautifully hand made with all solid mahogany, bone nut & saddle, and rosewood fretboard & bridge. The tenor size, KU-540, you see here comes with deluxe Adjustable Friction tuners, as does the soprano KU-520. The baritone KU-550 comes with geared tuners. They all have a beautiful matte finish. All sizes are available here.

Koloa KU-540 Tenor Ukulele
(Solid Mahogany)  

Koloa KU-340-CFEU Tenor Ukulele

(Acoustic/Electric) $255

Koloa Ku-620 Concert Ukulele $249

(Solid Mahogany)

Koloa KU-520 Soprano Ukulele  $255

(All Solid Mahogany)

Koloa KU-550 Baritone Ukulele  $277

​(All Solid Mahogany)

The 600 series of Koloa Ukuleles are beautifully hand made with all solid mahogany, bone nut & saddle, and rosewood fretboard & bridge. The baritone size you see here comes with geared tuners, but the soprano, and concert sizes come with Deluxe Adjustable Friction Tuners. They all have a gorgeous gloss finish. All sizes are available here.

The 300 series of Koloa Ukuleles are beautifully hand made with solid mahogany tops, and mahogany backs and sides. They have a bone nut & saddle, and rosewood fretboard & bridge. They all come with professional friction tuners that work awesome. The KU-340-CFEU shown here comes with an active Fishman "Kula" Pickup with LED tuner. These come with a very classy matte finish. The acoustic Koloa 300 series come in Tenor, Concert, & Soprano. All sizes are available here.

Koloa KU-650 Baritone Ukulele

(Solid Mahogany)  $277

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